The obscenely beautiful atolls of the Maldives need little introduction. Their gin-clear waters and white sand islands make them one of the most sought after holiday and honeymoon locations on the planet, and as you’re probably aware, they also have a very healthy selection of perfect waves.

Geographically the Islands are located to the south-west of India and Sri Lanka in the Arabian Sea, which itself forms part of the Indian Ocean. And the same Indian Ocean swells that make Indonesia so famous also filter into the Maldives, just with a little less venom. And depending on your skill level, or what you consider fun, that may be just what you’re looking for.

A holiday here is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s much more than a regular surf trip with the boys … save that for Indo. The Maldives are all about treating yourself to a little bit of luxury and they are best done with spouse/partner/family in tow.

Below we cover off three Maldivian resorts that are well worth considering if the region tickles your fancy.

Niyama Private Islands

Location - Niyama Private Islands can be found in the atoll of Dhaalu, on the southwestern quadrant of the greater ring of atolls that make up the Maldives. It’s far removed from the busier locations to the north, and this ensures that the waves in the immediate vicinity of the resort remain relatively empty, and there are plenty to go round.

The dream scenario at Niyama.

Waves - The Dhaalu Atoll is exposed to different swell directions than the North and South Male Atolls. While the waves to the north work on Southeast swells, the waves at Niyama fire on Southwest swells. These are usually more consistent, bigger and more powerful. They are also more likely to occur outside the traditional Maldivian surfing season.

Sometimes you just have to take a moment to appreciate what is happening around you.

The standout wave here is Vodi, A walled up left that breaks directly in front of the resort that’s as good as you’ll find anywhere in the Maldives. There’s a reason Niyama is frequented by the World’s best surfers looking for a haven to regenerate in between events – recent guests include Matt Biolos and the …Lost team.

While you can reasonably expect to have perfect sessions throughout the year, the most favourable wind directions usually occur from October to May and the biggest swell from April to October.

Kolohe clocks in for a stint in the tube.

The Resort - a trip to the Maldives is best done in the lap of luxury, and Niyama Private Islands won’t disappoint. We’re talking world-class spa, nine separate restaurants (one of which sits underwater and another half a kilometre out to sea), and world-famous DJ’s playing private parties kinda luxury. The resort also has two islands to choose from – Niyama Play and Niyama Chill. Play is all about high energy and fun experiences for the adventurous, while Chill is all about switching off and settling into bliss. Visit here

Anantara Dhigu

Location - Anantara Dhigu is located in South Male Atoll, just a 30-minute speed boat ride from the international airport. South Male is part of the Maldives' northern Atolls, one of the most wave-rich regions of the country, with world-class lefts and rights littered throughout the area.

Yep, not bad at all.

Waves - The Anantara boasts a great variety of waves. From peeling, playful rights at Nonyas that are perfect for a longboard, mid-length or fish, to down-the-line left barrels over shallow reef. Veli Left will be your closest wave, a fast point break located just off the pool bar of Anantara Dhigu’s sister resort Anantara Veli. All other breaks are accessed by boat, the closest being five minutes, the furthest being thirty minutes from the resort. These include Boatyards, Riptides, Natives and more.

The best time to surf the northern atolls is from April - October with the best months being May-August for swell, and March-May the cleanest conditions.

Veli left in full cry.
In the mood for something mellow? Nonyas has got you covered.

The Resort - Anantara Dhigu offers what they call “barefoot elegance in a tropical haven”. And it’s exactly what the mind conjures when thinking about an opulent Maldivian getaway. With stunning views, private pools and accommodation that’ll drop your jaw. It’s also fully family-friendly for this who intend to bring the clan along with them. The perfect place if you’re looking for a surf trip masquerading as your family’s dream holiday, and they won’t even be mad when they find out! Visit here

Pre surf massage anyone?

Anantara Veli

Location - Anantara Veli is the sister resort of Anantara Dhigu and is located on the neighbouring island, separated by only a small lagoon. Again the resort is located in South Male Atoll and has access to all the same waves as Anantara Dhigu, the only difference is Veli is kid-free, and the perfect place for couples.

Not a bad place to wait for the tide.

Waves - Again, Anantara Veli has access to all of the same high-quality waves as Anantara Dhigu. Nonyas, Veli Left, Boatyards, Riptides, Natives and more. It’ll satisfy most surfers, as long as your kink isn’t life-threatening death-tubes.

Goffy footers will be happy with their lot at Anantara Veli
Here's one for the natural footers.

The Resort - If Anantara Dhigu is a five-star resort for all the family, then Anantara Veli is the adults-only version. It delivers all of the opulence you can handle in a quiet, kid-free kinda way. Perfect for honeymooners, couples or groups of friends.

Greet the morning with oceanfront yoga, then hit the waves before dolling up and dining at one of the nine world-class restaurants and their decadent wine vaults. After that, you can return to your abode and drink in the star-filled sky, or dance into the wee hours. The choice is all yours. Visit here

How's the serenity?
pre-surf salutations at Anantara Veli.