Surf fashion is a funny beast. If it was an actual beast it would have three heads and a bunch of vaginas for arms. How else to explain the beaver tail? The webbed glove? Bowl cuts? And let’s not forget Larry Bertlemann’s bell-bottomed wetsuit from back in the day.  You may think you’re immune to the whims of fashion; that you just grab a bunch of cotton items and jam your limbs through the appropriate holes. But chances are you are actually on-trend.  It’s just that the trend you’re on was established twenty years ago by some fashion-forward type. Then came the early adopters. The suburban dads. Then you.        

The reason we’re poking holes in the surf fashion chimera is the imminent return of the tuck. Of course, inserting shirt into pants dates back to medieval times, where it predated the belt as a means of keeping your breeches up. The tuck continues to be highly regarded in upper echelons today. It denotes status, self-discipline, conservative values, neatness and a willingness to follow the rules. Which is why surfers have never been great tuckers. Sure, we’ll jam a collaraby into some fancy pants for a wedding, a court appearance or a six figure income but generally our default state is free and easy. Untucked to the max.

But for how much longer? The cool kids are already on the move.  I’ve seen T-shirts aggressively tucked into jeans and even shorts and accessorized with what can only be described as fuck-you swagger. Seen them at punk shows, at the beach, ghetto skate parks and at all the hipster hangs. Most recently, Craig Anderson and stablemate, Austyn Gillette debuted in their first Former catalogue sporting both the tucked and untucked look. Were they hedging their bets or is there a subtle dress code operating here (white tees into black pants seem safe). Dane appears in the same spread comprehensively and exclusively untucked. What do we make of that?           

Vogue Magazine aren’t much help. In March last year the fashion setter announced that tucking in your shirt was over and gave detailed instructions on exactly how to “hang loose”.  Then again, maybe that’s it exactly. Maybe the fashionistas are stealing the scuzzy look of surfers and skaters (again) and so the tuck is a counter assault, a middle finger raised to conformity, rule following and Vogue. Anyway, you read it here: the tuck is definitely maybe coming. Scoff if you will but remember those ridiculous fat jeans? Remember boardies that flapped below the knee? Remember muttonchops and hankies?  

To everything, turn, turn. There is a season, turn turn. etc