We all know Tom Carroll right? Two-time World Champion, Pipeline Master and doyen of Australian surfing? Of course we do.

However, what you might not know is that while Tom was travelling the globe dominating the sport with his trusty sash adorned Byrne’s, he was also packing his trusty Canon AV-1 camera, in order to document the crazy and unique life of a professional surfer in the 80s. And we’re not just talking happy snaps, Tom possesses a true talent for photography and captured some iconic images during his time.

Until now, most of his work had lay dormant, gathering dust in storage. But, with the help of Canon and curator by Benjamin Chadbond, these awesome images have been brought back to life for an exhibition at Sun Studios, before heading to Torquay to be displayed during the Rip Curl Pro.

The exhibition at Sun Studios will be on display until Thursday 8th March, so you’ll have to be quick of you want to catch it there. All prints are available for sale.

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Photo: Sergio Martin
Photo: Tom Carroll
Photo: Tom Carroll
Photo: Tom Carroll