Tracks & Corona are proud to present SALT Surf Photography Awards.

The country’s premier surf photography awards, SALT is a celebration of lives lived in dedication to the ocean. Whether it’s those whose never-ending obsession is attempting to capture its ceaseless energy, motion and beauty in a single frame, or the surfers who live to ride it.

SALT aims to showcase and award the imagery that best conveys this sentiment while utilising both creativity and technical excellence.

The major prize-winner – Surf Photographer of the Year – will claim AUD $5000.00 While the four category winners will each receive AUD $1000.00


WATER – Shooting from the water truly is one of the most challenging and rewarding disciplines in photography. There’s nowhere to hide and no bluffing it when you’re out amongst it, housing in hand. It’s pretty simple; we’re looking for the best shot taken from within the ocean itself.

LAND – It takes a talented eye to capture a truly unique surf image with both feet firmly planted on the ground, and that’s what the Land category is all about. The best surf shot taken from terra firma.

STOKE – How do you interpret that feeling that we as surfers all chase? That feeling of flying out of a tube, of standing up on your first wave, of running over the dunes to find the waves are pumping, of seeing a friend get the wave of their life – it’s stoke. It’s up to you how you capture it but that’s the crucial ingredient we’re looking for.

LIFESTYLE – Surfing has always been about more than the act of riding a wave. It’s the lifestyle that goes along with our unique counter-culture that makes it so special. The characters, the places, the faces and the vibe – it’s your job to sum it all up in one image … good luck!

SURF PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR – The title says it all. Surf Photographer of the Year will be the awarded to the entrant who submits the best mini-portfolio of four images that covers each of the categories.

Visit the SALT site to enter and for more information.