This year we took our annual Ride Guide to the heart of the Mentawais, where Tyler Warren, Robbie Rickard, Kolton Sullivan, and Todd Rosewall posted up at John’s Place on Awera Island, just north of Siberut.

Riding surfboards crafted by 20 of Australia’s best shapers, our tropical test-pilots carved, slashed and trimmed their way across a plethora of set-ups. Each evening they would discuss their findings while re-hydrating on the splendid drinking deck that overlooks the water at John’s Place. Thanks to our experienced guide, Cahn, we scored different waves every day, subjecting the shapes to a range of different situations. By the end of the trip, the boards were like new best friends and John’s Place had become a Nirvana we never wanted to leave.

Robbie Rickard digging in on the cover of the Tracks Ride Guide. Photo: Swilly

The reviews, which appear in the issue, are intended to point you in the right direction when it comes to making your next investment in foam and fibreglass. Enjoy the printed window-shopping, then consider your choice carefully. It really was a brilliant assembly of boards and we’re fairly certain there is something in there for you.

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