All photos Dom Sullivan

Friday nights are big in Byron Bay. So it was no surprise that local lad, Nick Colbey, had brought together a packed house for his latest film, Wanderlust. Pig House Flicks provided the perfect venue as locals and backpackers kicked back with free Coronas and gazed starry eyed at the big screen, all leaving spellbound with a new appreciation of our Great Southern Land.

Nick’s yearlong adventure sees Luke Hynd and Mikey Wright go back to the source and will inspire surfers around the country to rediscover the coastline and country that they love. It’s a film that harks back to old school surf films where you want to hoot, holler and yell at every late drop, deep barrel and perfect wave. Not to be forgotten are a few of the film's classic random characters who inspired many laugh out loud moments.

When the curtains closed the crowd screamed in appreciation and with spirits high we ventured towards the bright lights of town with a feeling of not wanting this Wanderlust journey to end.

If you didn't make it to the premiere pick up a copy of the film in the January issue of Tracks on sale this month.

Wanderlust is proudly supported by CoronaIsuzuBlackwolf Camping gear and SP Gadgets.

Wanderlust Teaser #1 - East Coast from Tracks Magazine on Vimeo.

Wanderlust Teaser #2: Return To Salt Bush from Tracks Magazine on Vimeo.