It is entirely possible that the biggest waves ever ridden went down at Nazare on Thursday. In one of those rare swell forecasts that really, really delivered, there is every chance that a 100-foot ride may have been ridden. 
“This is the swell I’ve been waiting my whole lifetime,” Nic Von Rupp told Tracks on Monday. After catching the biggest wave of his life today, he said it was worth the wait. 
The swell at Nazare kinked to the north-west late on Wednesday evening and the expected six metre plus, 22 second period arrived with a few hours of daylight. That evening Kai Lenny and Lucas Chianca scored the biggest bombs, before the fog came in. 
Thursday dawned even bigger, just with a light south-east offshore breeze and sunny skies. From the early morning waves it was immediately apparent that this could be an historic day. Regular Nazare watchers were calling it as big as they had seen it ridden. Towering peaks were breaking left and right, but such was the size even the best surfers couldn't outgun them. 
Sebastian Steudtner, who yet again caught one of the biggest bombs of the day, was mowed down early in the morning. It took the skis a good two minutes to rescue him by which time he’d risen to the surface and was being belted by a series of foam walls as high as three houses. He made it to shore, had a 25-minute breather, and was straight back out there. Respect. 
Watch Lenny throw a chop-hop on a giant face and a massive board.
An hour later Kai Lenny went through the same process. Seemingly safe on a giant left, he was clipped on the end. Again he was dragged underwater for hundreds of yards before being pumped by a series of set waves once he reached the surface. The impact forced him from the water for a few hours. He returned for the afternoon session, where, with partner Lucas Chianca, he scored some of the bombs. 
In terms of the biggest wave of the day many thought it was between Sebastian Stuednter, Chumbo and Justine Dupont, who all rode massive lefts. Other notable mentions also went to Nic Von Rupp and his partner Pedo Scooby. 
Then as the swell dropped a little, Italo Ferreira made a last-minute guest appearance. The World Champion rode a few oversized teepees, further cementing his all-round, and legendary, status. 
“Man, it was everything we hoped, and so, so much more,” Nic Von Rupp told Tracks just after the session. “It was the biggest waves I’ve ever seen with just a handful of teams, who were all looking after each other. Who cares what size you wanna call it, the main thing is everyone made it in safe.”