Sure, Mick won the comp, Kelly broke the internet, but the highlight of the just completed Hurley Pro? C’mon, you know it was Gabby.

The current world champ reminded everyone why he’s the best in the biz when it comes to milking priority rulings with this doozy of a claim against the pride of Santa Cruz, Nat Young.

Both paddled for the same wave during the opening minutes of their round four match up, only for Young to retreat and Medina push on, flop off and throw in a dramatic claim to the judges for good measure.

Pete Mel, the perpetual man on the spot when it comes to such matters, surmised the situation in his usual taciturn way.

“You want to get that first wave of the heat,” Mel explained of Young’s tactical blunder.

“I know Nat wouldn’t back down to Medina don’t have eyes in the back of your head either.”

The comment section of the World Surf League page was quick to light up with the usual assortment of witty slander.

“I love the slow motion shot of Medina going down like a wet noodle,” said one wag.

“Medina’s a flailing donkey,” said another.

Soccer anyone?