“Going off its F%$ken tits c&$t,” voices Guy Morgan of Mentawai Surf Co over a video of a perfect empty HT’s video from the weekend. He was watching from his camp verandah after surfing was banned in the Mentawais due to Covid-19. 

The local government announced that all ports and tourist attractions would be closed in the islands until at least April 5th and that has since been extended indefinitely.

Uniformed officials had been turning up to each of the islands to make sure no one was surfing, with as yet undetermined fines or four months to a year in prison put in place for anyone caught in breach. 
Now all around the world there are surfers faced with the same scenario. In Europe, Africa, Central America, and the States surfing has been placed on a list of banned activities. 
France, for example, has been firing over the last few weeks with not a soul out. 
J-Bay too has been pumping. The South African authorities have operated a heavy-handed approach to those under lockdown, which includes surfers. And even if you wanted to run the police gauntlet, the locals under the JBU umbrella have been staunch in keeping people out of the water.
Most of Australian surfers have been spared, apart from a few of the country’s most popular beaches. Our very own Editor has had an industrial fence erected between him and his beloved Bondi Beach. Can you imagine the tears running down the wire as he watches those waves rifle left and right for two whole seconds and without a backpacking learner in sight? Oh, the heartbreak. He's even taken on the authorities in an opinion piece for the Sydney Morning Herald.   
But the HT’s clip is somehow more torturous. The world’s most perfect wave breaking so far from anywhere with not a soul in sight. That hasn’t happened since Lance Knight found it over 30 years ago. Could you just watch it or is a wave worth the fine and time in an Indonesian jail? Let us know!