Flexibility /fit/comfort:

The comfort and flexibility of the suit are immediately striking. It really is like climbing into a second skin and feels the same way in the water. Comfort and quick dry aspects make it a great suit if you are surfing multiple times in a day or lucky enough to get through a few heats in the local boardriders.  

Ease of entry & exit

There is a little bit of origami/intricate folding involved with the, Zip-Free, 3-Fold entry. It’s pretty self-evident how to get in and out of the suit but it’s worth checking the instruction guide or asking the shop assistant when you try it on. It’s a clever design and obviously a lot of thought has gone into it.


Enhanced by the grid mesh plush lining the suit is snug. You are not thinking about the cold, you are thinking about your next wave. The fact that you can paddle and move so freely helps ensure you keep the core body temperature up also because you are not sitting stiffly, reluctant to move until a wave comes right at you.  

Grid mesh lining adds comfort and warmth.

Water Entry

Surprisingly minimal. I feared the zip-free folding system may be vulnerable to excess water entry, but it wasn’t a problem at all, providing you put the suit on correctly in the first place.

The unique O and E folding system utilised in the Zip Free suit.


A super-flexible, high-performance suit that offers plenty of warmth and won’t have you balking at pulling on the steamer for a surf or two in winter. A great price-point that leaves money in the account for the Indo trip or new board. Important to get the fold right when putting it on or it can feel like there is rubber bunching up at the back. However, once you get the hang of the entry you won’t even notice you are wearing a wettie.  


Essential Info:

Make: Ocean and Earth 3/2mm Zero Zip Steamer

Price: $450.00

Website: www.oceanearthstore.com

Insta: @ocean _earth79