The Eddie. Will it or won’t it? The next 24 hours will tell, but according to Australian invitee, Jamie Mitchell, it’s in with a shot.

“It’s looking big for sure,” Mitchell told Tracks.

“Conditions look great, but the problem is that it needs to be a consistent 20 feet all day so in that sense, the timing of the swell has a huge part to do with the call. So at this stage, I’d say it’s 50/50.”

Part of the problem, says Mitchell, is a divide amongst the big wave community in Hawaii about which meteorological advice will provide the most accurate information.

“A lot of guys want it to run and some are still on the fence,” he says.

“Here’s hoping that when the real-time data starts coming through, it’ll be a touch on the bigger side and it’ll be green lit.”

Regardless, Mitchell, who put in an outstanding performance during a recent swell at Mavericks, says talk of the incoming XXL swell alone is enough to set the island abuzz with excitement.

“The vibe is just awesome,” he says.

“There’s definitely a spring in everyone’s step and you can sense it in the air that something special is happening. I love it. And when the Eddie rumors start on top of all that, the coconut wireless just goes into overdrive. But it’s all good. There’s a great vibe and hopefully we get to surf.”

Officially, invitees have been issued a yellow alert, but event Event Director, Glen Moncata, says current thinking was that the anticipated swell “May not deliver the intensity and power we require for this event, but we will get a clearer idea as it develops through the weekend,”.

“Our goal at this time is to alert our competitors and let them know we are keeping a close eye on this. The winds look good and weather looks great. But it’s all about the size for The Eddie.”

Since its inception in 1985, the invitational event has been run just eight times and was last won by Californian, Greg Long, in 2010.

One thing is for sure though, in garages, backyards and front yards across the north shore, a select breed of surfer is rifling through a bevy of oversized boards in anticipation for something big.

“I have a quiver of boards that range from 9’6 to 10’10 just in case,” says Mitchell.

“But as they say, The Bay will call the day.”