Since footage of the Surf Lakes wave pool at Yeppoon (just outside Rockhampton) was leaked a couple of weeks ago we’ve heard it compared to everything from a giant toilet plunger to something out of the 1995, post-apocalyptic film ‘Water World’, featuring Kevin Costner and Dennis Hopper.

This clip, showcasing the first trial of the Yeppoon wave pool, goes for a much more warm and fuzzy kind of feel than Waterworld. Instead of Kevin and Dennis engaged in a duel over a dystopian world, we get an ebullient Occy and son, Jay, frolicking in two foot artificial A-frames, with smiling cameos by Parko, Connor O’leary, and Laura Enever.

So, obviously it’s a clip funded by the Surf Lakes team with paid surfers encouraged to put a positive spin on the latest incarnation of the wave pool, but what can be gleaned from this little marketing segment?

At first glance the wave seems like a two-turn runner or a tight tube at best – comparable to a clean day at a beachie with a really good shorey bank. It looks fun and mostly user friendly, but doesn’t inspire the same dizzying response as the first vision of Kelly’s roping Lemoore miracle.

Kelly's Wave from Kelly Slater Wave Co on Vimeo.

Although we don’t quite see evidence of the promised 40 waves a minute that the Surf Lakes PR suggested it was capable of, it is apparent that the little split-peaks can handle a bigger crowd than Kelly’s one-wave pool.  

Parko’s meatier nugget (which looks border-line surfable) offers a little more hope as to the true potential of the Surf Lakes pond, but average Joe would probably like to see more of a roll-in than the beyond-vert free-fall Parko is forced to deal with. Certainly Joel’s response suggests he was confronted with a wave that offered a genuinely challenging barrel.  

The clip concludes with a realistic appraisal by Surf Lakes inventor, Aaron Trevis, who suggests that there is still 50% to go in terms of maximum wave height. That’s a provocative suggestion and we’re certainly excited to see what happens when they turn up the dial on the Yeppoon pool. Watch this space.