John John and Jack Share The Box, But Where’s The Footage?

When was the last time you and a mate got inside The Box, filmed it and then didn’t let anyone see the footage? John John got super deep with his $30k Red Dragon camera and surfed behind West Aus prodigy Jack Robinson through a Box barrel. Only problem is, no one has seen the footage. John told Tracks he might save it for his next video part. The real question is – how did he make this barrel? Yes, that ghostly figure in the foam ball is JJF.

the-ghost-of-john-john-joli-lead The ghost of John John tails WA prodigy Jack Robinson earlier this week. Photo: Joli

‘The Beaten Track’ Across the Tasman

New Zealand is one of those places that every Australian surfer needs to tick off the bucket list. Here, Maz Quinn shows off his wave finding skills (not to mention his surfing skills) in his local land. From long clean point-breaks to barrelling beachies to slabby lefts, NZ (and this clip), has it all. This short video is magnificently edited and beautifully filmed with just enough offshore breeze to make you very jealous.

Tracks Clip of The Week – Two Sides of Hawaii

At 17 minutes in length this video qualifies as more of an ‘episode’ than a web-clip. To get lengthy, free content in this sporadic age of two minute shorts is pretty amazing. Here, Portuguese pro Nic Von Rupp explores two very different sides of Hawaii through refreshingly objective foreign eyes. Despite having travelled to the North Shore for years, Nic had neglected to explore Maui before the making of this video. What he finds makes him feel like home, especially when compared to the manic nature of the North Shore. Have a listen to Maui local Albee Layer’s interesting insights into the differences between the two starkly contrasting islands.

Of course there’s some awesome surfing in here too with a fair few high profile cameos.

King Kelly and the Kings of Rock Kick it somewhere in WA

Kelly Slater, Led Zeppelin and WA are an incredible triple threat. This very short (under two minute) clip is just enough of all three to leave you salivating for more. This video is not just about the barrels though, there are some vintage layback Kelly cutties in there too (see 0:31 for example).

Lay Days at the Box

Although the waves may appear to have been epic on this day, the official reason for not running the contest was that it was too inconsistent. Fair enough right? No one wants to see wave starved heats. So KP, taking full advantage of this “dilemma”, decided to get out there along with an all-star cast of John Florence, Jack Robinson and Sebastian Zietz. A very good decision indeed, KP.

The barrel and camera angle from 1:06 is the big winner of the clip.

A West Aus Compilation Video has been all over the circus in Margaret River and they’ve made a little compilation video, of sorts, for us to watch and froth over. The guys on tour have probably clocked up at least an hour in barrel time between them over the last two weeks at the Box and North Point.  Here’s the clip, you’ve probably seen it but shut up and watch it again. It’s that good.

Adriano de Souza Wins Margarets

You could tell Adriano was fired up as soon as he jumped in the water at the Box. He pushed himself over the ledge time and time again and when the contest was moved to main break his strong rail game and ability to finish waves really stood up. He's had an amazing Australian leg, possibly the best ever by a Brazillian. He came third on the Gold Coast, second at Bells (after tying with Mick Fanning in the final), now he's won at Margarets and taken the gold jersey. Two out of three of the Australian contests were won by Brazillians - the storm is coming!