Dillon Perillo Re-Signs With Ripcurl

Earlier in the week Dillon Perillo signed a contract with Ripcurl which commits to nothing more than ‘the search’. He’s now dedicated to “pursuing perfect waves full time” for many years to come and has been specifically instructed not to compete in contests. Sounds like a bit of fun, doesn’t it now?

Ripcurl released a video to announce the signing. The surfing in the clip is a clear reflection of why Perillo was snapped up by the heavyweight surf brand.

Tracks Clip of the Week – A Billabong Adventure in Ireland

This classy clip from Billabong features Shane Dorian and Benjamin Sanchis surfing two surging, perfect waves. One is a slabby left and the other more heavily featured wave is a long right barrel of P-Pass like perfection. Such is the perfection that if they weren’t wearing gloves, booties, hoods and full steamers you might think this was Indo.

If Ireland wasn’t on your bucket list before this clip, it will be now. Check the amazing camera angle, shot from a vertical cliff face at 3:20. A perfect position to see Dorian’s take-off recovery to barrel.

Matt Bromley Tames Ireland

Let’s stay in Ireland for a minute and take a look at this excellent edit by Steven Michelsen which features Matt Bromley braving the Emerald Isle’s icy climate, tempestuous winds and fierce rain. He gets barrelled at a perfect left slab and destroys a sloppy right. The backdrop of crumbling castles and green meadows makes the scenery in this clip truly spectacular.

Check the barrel at 1:59 – isn’t that what dreams are made of?

One Year with Harry Bryant

Young Harry Bryant’s 2014 looked like a pretty epic one. Fun waves, perfect barrels, big hucks and about one million air reverses would be a good summary of his year. We’re hoping we see plenty more of this in the near future.

Tracks Kook of the Week – Laird Hamilton and the Golfboard

Laird Hamilton has done some weird and whacky things in his time but this has to be right up there with the strangest. Why would you walk or drive around a golf course when you could look like a real shredder, tearing it up on these gnarly rides, dude? Watch and learn and how to, ahem, shred. You apparently get “an incredible leg work out”.


Granger Larsen Warms Up at Home

In preparation for the Oakley Lowers Pro, Granger Larsen spent some time warming up in his local waters of Maui. This clip is a reflection of the spirit of Maui. It’s got a super laid back atmosphere with tropical waters and fun waves (and sharks) which makes it the polar opposite of its evil cousin the North Shore.

Take a gander at the golden wrap at 1:05 where the lighting and the turn are perfectly matched.

West Is The Best… Still

The Mad Hueys put their spin on the situation over the last month in WA. The signs of a solid swell sent free surfers into a spin to get their stuff together and head west. Here, the boys console their Goldy mates, who all made an early exit from the contest. What better way to do it than with a few barrels.

Check out Mick’s hilarious pooman bottom turn at 1:18.

Bonus Clip – John John the Avenger

I still can’t decide whether these are the worst John John clips I’ve ever seen or the best. They’re definitely either one or the other. Although he doesn’t say a word in the first part, the appeal of JJF to the mainstream media has been made clear. Check out the guest appearance from Bobby Martinez as a kid. Well, it may not be THE Bobby Martinez but a funny coincidence nonetheless.

And today they released a second part which is actually pretty awesome.