Dion Agius Gets Shot by a Helicopter

This clip is unashamedly an ad for EPOKHE’s new POEZD sunglasses, but as far as ads go it is very watchable. Dion gets filmed at close-range from a helicopter which makes for a pretty unique angle in ‘a remote part of Australia’. Combine this with some breezy music and Dion doing his thing and you get a pretty unreal ad that you might just want to watch again and again.

Check the bold attempted make from 1:31. Knee-popping-goodness.

#Tournotes Does It Again

This week has been all about Bells and it would be wrong not to mention it in a weekly wrap up. #Tournotes is one of the best and most unique behind-the-scenes insights into the WSL. These guys are so competitive that they compete to be the first ones out every morning. Mick used to own the title of the tour’s earlybird but that’s only because “it was pretty easy to be the first one out because everyone was hungover from the night before”.

Who’s the ‘King of the Early’ now? Watch and find out.

Tracks Clip of the Week – The Right is a Furious Wave

Ryan Hipwood declares that the Right is the “most dangerous wave in the world”. This is pretty unsurprising considering it’s the wave that almost took his life. Watch this clip filled with angry, snarling slabs which when combined with (an interesting choice of) dramatic dubstep leaves you a little bit shaken, but oh-so-ready to hit ‘replay’.

Brad Norris’ wipeout at 0:55 - where you can see his body getting sucked over the falls – is one of the heaviest in the clip.

Ross Williams Opens Kelly’s Treasure Chest

The frothometer blows up whenever someone mentions Kelly’s board selection this year. There has been so much talk about Firewire and Tomo surfboards, but this clip is a small insight into what he is really riding. Although Ross Williams’ interviewing style is plain awkward and there isn’t too much revealed about Kelly’s boards, this video is still well worth a watch. It provides a really interesting look into Kelly’s headspace this year and why he might not be competing at the same lofty standards.

Jay Davies at Home

Jay Davies, Western Australia and punk rock couldn’t work any better together. This clip combines all three and is the latest addition to Jay’s run of outstanding clips this year. He’s been scoring all around the world and as a reward he has reapplied RVCA’s stickers to his board.

The near-make at 0:49 is mental – the person behind the lens would’ve nearly had their head taken off!

Parker Coffin’s Mature Surfing

Young Wise Tails have been releasing some very good clips of late and Parker Coffin is the subject of the latest one. You wouldn’t believe that this kid is only 19 after watching this video. Parker has grown up and his style and power is that of a pro in their mid-20s. This is one of the best clips of the week and there’s a full four minutes of it for your enjoyment.

Check the tweaked-out, rail-grab, slo-mo full rotation at 2:08.

A Bells Freesurf Before the Big Show

It seems as though the waves were actually pretty good at Bells before the event, as shown in this clip. Unfortunately, much like the Gold Coast, the surf turned to mush as soon as the first hooter sounded.

We know you’re probably sick of watching Bells by now but this is a good little clip featuring Mason Ho (who somehow gets barrelled), Matt Wilkinson, Owen Wright, Gabriel Medina and Mick Fanning.