Kolohe gets sprayed by Danny Clayton and goes on to win the Aus Open.

Kolohe Andino was certainly caught off guard earlier this week when he was told live on Channel V to “stay the fuck away from my girlfriend” by host Danny Clayton. Kolohe, who had allegedly been sending texts to Clayton’s girlfriend which made her ‘uncomfortable’, was shocked by the spray he received. Clayton has received significant criticism from surf media and mainstream media alike for his on-air primal show of overprotectiveness. It’s fair to say Kolohe surfed with a vengeance on the final day. He took home the trophy and had the last laugh.

Watch Clayton’s serve below.

Slade Prestwich and Michael February’s TV Party

This clip is one for the Gen Y kiddies. Air rotations left and right, as well as huge jams and a couple of barrels make this clip the perfect archetype of contemporary surfing. Watch the alley-oop to air-reverse combo from 0:12 seconds. That’s a 10.

Tracks’ Clip of the week  - Snapper turns on for some pre-game hype

Not excited for the start of the Quiksilver Pro Snapper? If you aren’t pumped after watching this clip well… you probably don’t surf. Cyclone Marcia is going to wreak havoc on Queensland this weekend after it forms a cyclone sandwich with Cyclone Lam. Luckily, she provided these seriously good barrels beforehand. Tracks is wishing all the best to any Queenslanders who might get caught up in the cyclones and we’re hoping that you at least scored some waves for your troubles.

Six Weeks of Aloha

Isn’t it awesome when a company decides to release a full length surf movie for their consumers? That’s what Vans did earlier in the week when they put out ‘Six weeks of Aloha’, a 20 minute clip covering the full six weeks of the Vans Triple Crown. There’s big barrels (of course, it’s Hawaii), huge airs, mean hacks, contest surfing, freesurfing, you name it. Julian Wilson, the eventual winner of the Triple Crown, features heavily in this clip. No complaints here.

Rincon, Dane, Yades and the crowd

A little clip, subtly named WSW, dropped earlier this week and it is mint. The music is mellow and the angle is slightly pulled back, making mind-surfing up and down the point so fun. I found myself missing a lot of the surfing and mind-surfing the one in front or behind. For example, check the 1:00 mark. There are three waves in the shot, but you’ll know the one I was mind-surfing. When you’re done frothing on empties, watch Dane Reynolds and Yadin Nicol tear through this clip.

Timmy Reyes’ Canadian Mission

While we’re living it up over the Australian summer, our northern hemisphere chums are freezing their butts off. Timmy is joined by ripper Ian Crane in Canada and they do a pretty good job of proving that their sponsor, O’Neill, has the wetties to handle the icy conditions. It’s one of those videos where you don’t know whether to be envious of good waves or happy that you’re surfing in boardies in February.

Check the synchronised air-reverses at 0:38

Yago Dora Smashes Hawaii

Talk about Brazilians busting down the door! Yago Dora is a standout in Hawaii and here’s the second clip to prove it. We know you’re all pretty sick of Hawaii videos by now, but this is one of the better ones. The air into the flats at 2:00 is pretty mental.

Yago Dora Hawaii 2015 Part-2 from AprimoreSurf on Vimeo.