Alex Martins for the love of surfing

20 years ago Alex Martins packed up his bags and moved from the North-East of Brazil to the coast of California in pursuit of the American Dream. He didn’t surf for a year after he arrived. He was too busy working his arse off trying to establish himself in the US. Martins’ love for working hard and surfing big waves has got him where he is today. This week, Red Bull released a mini-bio of the life of a family man and big wave charger living the American Dream.

Mostly, you should watch this to see Martins’ Mavericks wipe out which blew out his knee. A crazy, un-makeable, enormous closeout.

Miguel Tudela – at home, in Portugal, Hawaii and Costa Rica

This clip only just missed out on making ‘clip of the week’ because the swell in Queensland was just too damn epic. Up and coming Peruvian surfer Miguel Tudela dreams of making the World Tour someday (duh who doesn’t). Unlike your average dream tour hopeful, this guy has the full package. Air-rotations, big turns and barrel skills. To top it all off he charges.

Check out the super seal infested rocks from 0:34. Smells sharky.

Tracks clip of the week - The best of Kirra

Mick Fanning perfectly narrates the best wrap up of the Gold Coast’s most recent cyclone swell. “As good as it gets in places,” he said. When Mick gives that kind of summary, you know it’s worth watching.

Dingo crowd controls

Dean Morrison thinks he’s figured out a way to control the Gold Coast’s crowd problem. Give all your waves to the locals, he reckons. Tracks' veteran surf scribe Ben Mondy had a chat with Dingo about his problem with blow-ins and pseudo-locals which you can read here.

Make what you will of this burn of some poor sucker on one of the waves of the day.

Owen Wright’s backhand is on point. And just in time.

Owen’s latest jaunt to South Africa proved to be an excellent training ground and warmup for Snapper. As usual his backhand is flaring and he looks primed and ready for the challenge of surfing Snapper backside. The turn at 0:52 proves it.

Nat Young leaves the crowd behind

Nat decided to skip getting to Australia early and bail on the crowds of the Goldy. While all his WCT mates were scoring at Snapper and Kirra, he was getting some clean barrels himself back in the Golden State. How good is the wave at 1:30? The slow-motion, high-angle drone footage makes it look extra appealing.

There are good waves in Italy?

Apparently, there is good surf in Italy. The clip features fun-sized rippable and barrelling waves with Italian surfer Roberto D’Amico. This guy’s heavy right-foot style helps him produce some glorious man-hacks throughout this clip.

It’s the Hawaiian way of life, man

Yes, we know you’ve just about had all you can handle of Hawaii this summer. This clip is a good one though if you want to get an insight into what the land of Aloha means to the locals. Check out Rune Glifberg skate sketchy, hidden, homemade, Hawaiian bowls. Not surfing related, but rad.