Dane and Dusty do D-Bah

Snapper has been pretty much unsurfable for the majority of this week which has, as I’m sure we are all fully aware, caused the Quiksilver Pro to go on hold. Luckily Dane Reynolds, Dusty Payne and a whole swag of pro surfers decided to hop over the border into NSW (yeah that’s right) and surf one of the most consistent waves in Australia. Seeing a clip like this begs the question: why hasn’t the contest moved to D-Bah already?

Watch out for Dusty’s committed attempt to land the air-reverse into the flats at 1:05.

Matt Banting Riding Clean

If Matt Banting’s win over Mick Fanning and Jack Freestone in round one of the Quiksilver Pro wasn’t enough to convince you that he’s got the goods to compete on tour, then this video should. He’s a surprisingly powerful surfer for someone so young and his air game, as we already know, is on point. There must be something about gangsta rap music going around the CT, because it seems to be the flavour of the week (see below).

The backside judo at 1:51 is rad. The second half of the clip at P-Pass as equally mental.

4K Monday – Simpo surfs?

Sometimes we forget that Brett Simpson isn’t just on tour to feature in #tournotes (although you could probably find a few people who would pay him to do that). He may be the self appointed comedian of the WSL but he can also match it with the best of them. Here’s a quick reminder:

Note: This clip features more white boys surfing to gangsta trap.

Tracks Clip of the Week – Jordy Smith is elite, not working class

I think this video must be titled ‘Working Class’ ironically because Jordy’s surfing couldn’t possibly be called anything but elite. This guy is top 5 material due to his outrageous combination of rail power, barrel skills and air game as evidenced in this clip. This is another video with a gangsta soundtrack, but Jordy’s surfing is so gangsta that he can easily get away with it. I told you rap music was the flavour of the week for the pros.

Beauty Pockets II, by Kai Neville

The soundtrack of Kai Neville’s latest short couldn’t be any more different to the three clips above. Sunglasses brand Epokhe presents a clip which is very Neville in style and while it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s refreshingly unique and the surfing is undeniably awesome. Creed McTaggart, Mitch Coleborn and Dion Agius kill it, as per usual.

Kyuss King is 14

It’s always fun watching a kid who is barely a teenager surf better than you ever will in your life (well, it’s also kinda depressing). You may not know of Kyuss King but once you’ve heard a name like that, you’ll never forget it. Most of the waves in this clip are double overhead for him.

Look for the spray he sends at 2:48. It’s probably triple his height!

Made in Hawaii’s New Episode

By the time late season in Hawaii rolls around we’re all a bit sick of Pipe clips and Red Bull knows it. Instead they’ve provided us with an entertaining insight into the locals’ love for their island home. This episode takes us into the Moniz family, checks in with ex-WCT surfer Kekoa Bacalso and has a brief chat with Lyndie Irons.


Jed Smith brings us his latest episode of The Pipeline this time featuring Ozzie Wright on weather duties. These clips make me feel like I’m watching a little kids show but I like it.