The Hurley Pro Gold Coast - #Tournotes

Hurley had a pretty decent time at the recent Quiksilver Pro with their stars taking out all the top prizes. Two Hurley top dogs in Julian Wilson and Felipe Toledo surfed in the final of the men’s while Carissa Moore, another Hurley sponsor, took out the women’s. Get a behind the scenes look into the event in this edition of #tournotes, along with the usual input from Simpo and John John. When you think about it, the men and women at Hurley make up a pretty fine team.

Look out for JJF giving mouth-to-mouth to some native Australians.

Noa Schweizer x Young Wise Tails

Young Wise Tails’ latest clip features Noa Schweizer annihilating some small waves. Noa is one of small yet elite surfing fraternity to hail from Florida. Somehow, the place keeps producing surfers of excellence in terrible waves. Kelly, the Lopez brothers, the Hobgoods and now Schweizer are all exceptions to the rule that you have to grow up around good waves to surf well.

The air at 1:50 is ridiculous.

Tracks Clip of the Week – Bryce Young in Gathering Dust

Runamuk Visuals dropped this clip of Bryce Young which screams of fun times. The point breaks are awesome, the surfing is great and the edit is on point. Bryce can do anything on any board, it would seem, and this clip proves it. The trawler section from 6:40 looks like one of those amazing sunny winter days, surfing and hanging out with mates. For all you high performance fiends, that comes at the end. Watch.

The Goldy Fires Up Again

Of course the Quiksilver Pro’s waiting period was sandwiched between two epic cyclone swells, resulting in an extended flat spell. It was unlucky for the WSL and pro surfing fans but for the locals, the timing couldn’t have been better. Some pros hung around and scored big time. Watch and drool – the beach shot to POV barrel transitions are pretty cool.

This and Nothing Else – Ryan Seelbach

Red Bull’s latest series features Mavericks hellmen who charge just for the love of it. The star of this clip, Ryan Seelbach, is  a 9 to 5 desk jockey who claims that all he can think about when he’s at work is surfing. I bet plenty of us can relate to that. The only difference between you and Ryan is that he’s been on every Mavericks swell for the last 15 years.

Who votes that Ryan gives up his desk job in the pursuit of becoming a professional big wave surfer? It would be a win for all of us.

Ian Crane’s Product of Boredom

“This video is a product of no waves and boredom” is Ian Crane’s disclaimer for this video. It’s a compilation of old web clips from Craney and although the editing isn’t up to the standard of some of the best guys, the surfing definitely is up to scratch. The commentary for the huck at 1:15 is definitely what we were all thinking.

Bonus Videos – Gabe Medina’s Shaving Tutorial

This was included as a ‘bonus video’ because you don’t really have to watch it, you just have to know it exists. Gabriel teaches us how he grooms himself and although the clip is in Portuguese you don’t need a translator to know what’s going on.

Sterling Spencer’s Translation

If you’ve made it through the video above, then I’m sure you can deal with watching it translated by Sterling Spencer. It’s quirky, it’s weird, it’s kinda funny, it’s very Sterling Spencer.