Matt Meola’s Spindle Flip 540

Matt Meola’s unbelievable air (which you should have seen by now) is unquestionably the most #trending thing of the week. Ever since Kelly landed his frontside 540 last year in Portugal, freesurfers around the world have been hankering to do something better than The King. Meola put his own twist (literally) on the 540 and came up with something pretty special. He may not have fully rode out of the thing, but there’s no doubt he landed it.

The spindle comes at the end of an already pretty great clip. Watch below.

Felipe Toledo and Courtney Conlogue Win In Rio

The men’s and the women’s World Surf League events wrapped up in Rio earlier this week and two of the standout performers of the event ran away with the trophy. Felipe launched his way to winning the men’s event by scoring a heat total of 19.87 in the final with two outstanding air reverses. Throughout the week, many punters claimed that Felipe’s air reverses were ‘boring’ and that high scores shouldn’t be given for such a staple move. Felipe landed both his high scoring airs in the flats and on his 10 he produced an excellent finishing snap on a creased board. C’mon people, he killed it.

#Tournotes – Brazil Gone Wild

The latest #tournotes is one of the best in recent times, providing an amazing insight into the manic crowds at the Oi Rio Pro. John John Florence looks more intimidated by the hordes of screaming girls than he would by 20ft Teahupoo and Kelly decides Felipe claims by using his mouth. If you watch the clip, you might even find out who gets ten per cent of Felipe’s girls when he wins events. Ten per cent would still be a fair few, you would imagine.

Tracks Clip Of The Week – Punta de Lobos From The Air

Punta de Lobos is a gloriously mechanical, rifling left hand point break situated in Pichilemu, Chile. It is a world class big wave spot and it was the location of the most recent Big Wave World Tour event. However, from this angle the wave doesn’t look so scary. Heck, this music in this clip even makes the wave seem pretty relaxing. Don’t be fooled, it’s big, frightening and only for the truly ballsy. On the other hand, this clip is chilled out and picturesque, beautifully shot amidst some stunning west coast sunsets.

Mexico Goes Mad

A couple of days ago filmmaker Eric Derman released a clip featuring pumping Mexican kegs and beautiful local women all shot in black and white. The edit features surfers Derek Dunfee, Nic Lamb, Oscar Moncada and Tim Reyes all getting shacked inside some heaving barrels. One of the best clips you’ll see this week.

Western Australia Clips Keep Coming

West Aus, we’re not done with you yet. We were inundated with clips when pumping swell battered the west coast during the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro. We thought we’d seen every wave of every session but there is somehow more footage seemingly surfacing through the webs of internet land every week. This time RVCA’s team dropped an excellent clip which is well worth a watch. Just a little reminder of how very good that swell was.

Mundaka Threatened By Dredging… Again

Spain’s most perfect, barrelling left-hander is once again facing extinction due to the dredging of sand in the area. For those of you with good memories you will recall that the very same thing happened in 2003/2004 and the wave seemingly disappeared for the 2004 season. Fortunately, this time the locals have been able to harness the powers of social media, along with statistics that indicate how important surf tourism is to the town, to lobby against the planned dredging. Sign the petition if you want to help out.

#SaveMundaka ???

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Who Is JOB 5.0 Premiere

The fifth season of Jamie O’Brien’s reality series about his ‘perfect life’ premiered on Friday of last week. The boys go to the next level of “SUPsquatch”ing by catching bombs at Sunset Beach and Makaha. Watch and learn how to be a madman.

Bonus – Getting Chased By A Orca

Okay, so this isn’t technically surf related but it’s water sport related. Watch as this SUP-er is chased by a killer whale and it even has a little nibble on their board. Fun times.