Dane Reynolds Does Morocco Jordy Smith, Matt Banting, Dion Atkinson, Ryan Hipwood, Davey Cathels and a host of others.

Morocco is one of those places that has become a real hot spot for European surfers looking for a few less crowded, high-quality waves. During the filming of Cluster, Kai Neville and his crew hit Morocco in search of these types of waves. They scored, big time. Check Dane Reynolds and co hit a few point breaks that are a far cry from what’s happening right now on the Gold Coast.

Craig Anderson’s Life is Sweet

Ando reckons that he travelled “pretty much 98 per cent of the year” last year in Indonesia, the Pacific and around Australia. Jealous? I know I am. Here’s a great insight into the life of one of Australia’s best freesurfing talents.

Check the dolphin pat to dreamy barrel shot from 1:32. The angle looks like one of those perfect barrels you would draw on your notebooks at school.

Tracks Clip of the Week  - Free Refills at P-Pass

The only way to describe this clip is ‘wow’. These roll in drainers are certainly life changers and a powerful bottom turn is a requirement of stepping up to the plate at P-Pass. Loz Enever gets the most props in this clip. She takes an absolute punishing but gets back up and hits it again and again.

The look of disbelief on Alex Gray’s face at 0:24 is a telling sign of how good the waves were this day. For the full story behind one of P-Pass’s greatest days, check the April Tracks – on sale now.

Carlos Muñoz – Addicted to the Moment

Carlos’ life revolves around his healthy addiction to surfing and his spiritual intoxication with the sport is reflected in this three minute clip. Funnily enough, his obsession with surfing has also caused him to become a pretty darn good surfer. Wait for the insane, inverted backside air-reverse at 1:30.

Stir Crazy on the Gold Coast

The lads have been going stir crazy during the Gold Coast’s recent ‘flat spell’. Here are most of the WT boys plus some more pro surfers blowing up at D-Bah. I think most of us would agree that these waves are good enough to hold a contest. Looking at this, it’s difficult to understand why the WSL were so adamant in refusing to move the contest to D-Bah.

Wavos Rancheros with Cory Lopez

Huevos rancheros are awesome, so wavos rancheros must be insane. This clip has a good mix of POV barrels and rail game shot from the beach. Cory Lopez spent four days south of the border and there’s a good chance his working week was better than ours.

Bonus Video – Tickled by the Hand of Death

‘That one time’ is a new animated series by Red Bull where people in the industry tell great stories. The first episode featured Dean Morrison narrating a ridiculous near-death story with The Mad Hueys. This episode, lensman Rob Bain recounts a tale about a frightening night at G-Land. These videos are super unique and very entertaining.