Ice is melting, oceans are rising and it’s getting bloody hot. Plastic is the devil and we are the advocates. As surfers we are in the unique position of relying on nature to provide us with the backbone of the sport we love so much. As surf consumers we want to see our heroes slide into blue bombs not brown bombsites. So with the year’s maiden event about to go down in our backyard, what do the WSL do to keep our oceans clean?
Kelly going vert in his plastic fantastic recycled WSL jersey

We are no strangers to giving the WSL a bit of shit here and there, but credit where credit is due. On the sustainability front they do a pretty good job at keeping our events squeaky clean. In 2016 they donated $1.5 Milion to the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in Columbia University to support research on ocean health. They also use Kudo Surf, a merchandising company with a big green thumb. All of the banners used to wrap the event are made from 100% recycled materials. All those player jerseys printed with our heroes’ names are made from 100% recycled materials and this year Kudo are releasing their first double recycled jacket! They took the waste banners and recycled them into jackets, pretty nifty we think!

The Tracks ed Luke Kennedy showing off his Stu Kennedy fan jersey and his bald spot.

There are roughly 11 plastic bottles recycled per competitive rash vest and, 7 plastic bottles per athlete jersey. King Kelly wears the #11, at first glance the 11 world titles would be the reasoning, but Mick wears #7? Funny Coincidence? 

Fanning flaring in his number seven jersey. Photo WSL

So props to the WSL and their efforts to keep our oceans clean, and when we are all up at the Goldy this week we will be donning our jerseys and supporting the cause. Get amongst it frothers!