Resort Guide 2019


Aura Surf Resort


Aura Surf Resort is located on a pristine small Island in North Sumatra, only a short 45min flight from Medan and a 25 min drive will get you to the Resort. What’s different then other parts of Indonesia ? No crowd, no trade winds, no rainy Season but waves all year around. Uncrowded Points, slabs, beach breaks, flawless drainers, heart stopping tubes, "THE LOT" are all on tap.


Fully Renovated at the beginning of 2019. With the most consistent wave in North Sumatra, a world class peak right at your doorstep. Private speedboat, 5 renovated Bungalows, brand new cars and much more. We are the longest running and most professional resort on the Island.


All inclusive package: Accommodation. 3 meals a day, surf guiding and as many coconuts as you want. Maximum of 14 Surfers. Our staff has a collective 20 year’s experience on the island. No one knows the islands waves better than Aura surf resort. Owned and run by surfers for surfers.