Vanimo Surf Lodge


Vanimo is located on the north shore of Papua New Guinea and is a swell magnet for north west monsoon swells and north pacific swell events from November to April each season. There are 8x rock/sand breaks in close proximity with 2x breaks easy walk from the lodge that hold waves 2-10ft range. Surf ranges from beginner to expert levels for shortboards, bodyboards, SUPs and longboards. Photos and videos available on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.


The lodge is located beachfront Lido Right with 3x 4bed share accommodation and 1x lodge 2x 2bed accommodation. Surf is located within 50m walk and boats are not required. The lodge features tradition building materials with a western finish and style for guest comfort. Other options include guided waterfall bushwalks, fishing charters, village tours and snorkelling.


Surfers package includes beachfront shared accommodation, all meals (3x daily), bottled water and airport transfers. Uncrowded surf as the Vanimo limit is total 16 surfers. Walking distance to right and left breaks that hold anywhere between 2-10ft waves. Suitable for surfers wanting an adventure away from the crowds and relaxation without much technology.