Stub Feeder - 5’8 X 18 ¾ X 2 5/16 - 25.74L

Ideal weight 70 - 80 kg

Wave Range 2 - 5 ft

Fin Setup Quad or Tri

Rail Type Boxy

Rocker Low entry, high exit

Tested by WG Board
Shaper’s comments

The Stub Feeder has evolved from my very successful Bottom Feeder model. As boards got shorter they got wider and flatter and that is how the Stubbie evolved. The low nose rocker is supplemented with excess tail rocker to keep a relatively flat board lively. It features a deep single through the guts, morphing into a single double exiting out the tail. Primarily the Stubby’s purpose is to perform high end manoeuvres in small powerless surf. The addition of quad trailers is for when you get caught out with a swell increase or the waves are unexpectedly super hollow and fast.

First Impressions

My first two custom surfboards ever were from Murray Bourton. I haven’t ridden one since I was 10, which is pretty cool. This one is definitely bigger [laughs]. It’s got a nice concave and is similar to what I ride with the bottom curve. It’s wider up front and I think it’ll be really drivey.

Tester’s comments

I rode the Stub Feeder in some peaky beachies and it surprised me. It had a little bit more weight to it, and when I first picked it up felt chunky and bigger than a 5’8”. It’s got a fair bit of volume carried to the rails but surprisingly it had a lot of squirt. You didn’t have to give it too much and it would be propelling, which is funny because it doesn’t really look like that kind of board. It has something in it that’s the best of both worlds. It’s a strong shortboard which is nice and thick, easy to paddle but also has that little bit of looseness to it too. I think for someone on the bigger side this model would be really good. It’s got a full enough rail to get moving in the water and catch a lot of waves but still has that ability for you to flex your big toe and it’ll do something as it’s also a little bit lively. It’s a zippy board and not really pigeonholed into any type of surfing. It’ll get speed to do what you want.

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