The Double Flyer Fang Tail - 5’9 X 19 1/4 X 2 3/8 – 29L

Ideal weight 70 - 90 kg

Wave Range 1 - 6 ft

Fin Setup Tri

Rail Type Low - Soft

Rocker Moderate

Tested by WG Board
Shaper’s comments

This board reduces area with the double flyers behind the fin system allowing for mid face carves and direction changes that will send you into hyperspace. The board is made for acceleration and drive. The rocker is made to carve tight power arcs and the foam is hand carved from the blank.

First Impressions

The ESP looks pretty interesting. It has some pretty cool features like a crazy paintjob, a textured deck and bunch of flyers down the bottom which is really cool. I really want to ride it to see what this thing can do.

Tester’s comments

The ESP went really different to how I thought it was going to be. It looks all punked-out with the pink spray, skull and cross bones but it felt like a really good traditional board. It held a rail and carried so much speed through carves where as I thought it would just be a jump machine. It went well was down the line and pushing through turns as it was really drivey. It has a semi squarish rail that has a futuristic feel, which gives maximum acceleration and drive. It felt a little longer but still went in small waves, carried speed through turns and you could still throw it around. It wasn’t an air board but every other aspect of it felt good. I think this board would go in a lot of different waves and be a lot of fun on a point break but still has what you want for a beach break.

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