Midas - 5’7 X 19 5/16 X 2 1/4 – 27.3L

Ideal weight 75 - 80 kg

Wave Range 2 - 8 ft

Fin Setup Tri

Rail Type Medium

Rocker Moderate

Tested by WG Board
Shaper’s comments

The outline of the Midas evolved from a few different influences. The tail was inspired by some 80s twin fins and the wing is positioned right behind the trailing edge of the side fin to create a break point, and to pull the tips of the swallow closer together for maneuverability. Perhaps the most interesting design feature is the new bottom contours I’ve been working on, which I’ve called “Board Eat Board”. The original concept began years ago when I rode one of George Greenough’s edge boards, which led me to a whole new approach to bottom contours and edges. The overall effect is increased performance and speed. (Comments by Rob Machado)

First Impressions

The Rob Machado Midas. I didn’t even know he’s been shaping. It feels pretty cool and so light. I haven’t delved into the epoxy world so much but it looks pretty fun. This is a small wave dream machine.

Tester’s comments

I was interested to see a Machado shape because I only found out he was shaping not long ago, so it’s cool to see what he’s going to put out there, being as cool as Rob is. The edge bottom was a little bit hard for me to get my head around, but the outline seemed to suit the little, 2 ft surf I rode it in. It’s a lot stubbier than what I normally would ride and it had a spring to it that you get with epoxys. It definitely had a little bit of pop on the ramps that I chased down. If you were going down the line and weren’t doing anything vertical it was a really fun board. I think it’s one of those boards where if you keep it down the line and smooth, you don’t really have much trouble connecting sections with speed and flow. I think it would really suit a point break and work best in clean waves.

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