Renegade Air - 5’8 X 18 5/8 X 2 ¼ - 24.25L

Ideal weight 60 - 65 kg

Wave Range 3 - 5 ft

Fin Setup Tri

Rail Type Medium - Low

Rocker Moderate

Tested by CW Board
Shaper’s comments

The Renegade Air is a high performance shape featuring a rounded-square-tail, deep single concave with a bit of tail V for release. It has softer, forward rails to a hard dropped edge and medium forward volume for a bit of paddle power. The stringer-less construction of the board with parabolic rail, Epoxy, Innegra and Carbon composite power bands should give the board increased spring, life and pop – more so than a conventional plywood stringer. The deck and bottom laminate combination also assists with this construction. It’s something we have been working on for a few years and is producing the results we’ve been looking for.

First Impressions

It’s got this subtle step-deck rail on it, which feels super interesting in my hands. The rail just feels like it will go better in big, beach break pits. It’s got a good weight to it as well.

Tester’s comments

I surfed the Gravelle in 2 foot, left shoreys and it was really fun. A 5’8 is getting a little big for me and I could feel it out there, but that didn’t matter because it felt so good off the top. It released well and had heaps of drive. I could see it being insane in bigger waves with a lot more power. Being a bit longer it had a lot of paddle power, which was nice. I think that extra weight helps too because I had no problem throwing it around and I could get more drive and speed through turns. I can tell that he’s made a board that can handle places like South Australia, which has a lot of power. I would love to take this board down there and test it in some real waves. One thing I noticed was the strength of the board. I had a couple of surfs on it and I didn’t even leave a heel ding. It’s an all rounder you can definitely grovel on, but I think it would really excel in 4-6 foot waves.

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