Sub Driver - 5’7 X 18.50 X 2.20 – 24L

Ideal weight 60 - 65 kg

Wave Range 1 - 3 ft

Fin Setup Tri

Rail Type Medium

Rocker Moderate

Tested by CW Board
Shaper’s comments

We are still making as many, custom Sub Drivers for Pro surfers as ever. Somewhat radical in its design, it was originally created by hand cutting about 1” off the nose and tail of a “Driver” model. The most prominent features are the slightly wider than average nose, noticeably wider hip, and tail block with spiral vee behind the rear fin. The Sub Driver not only benefits Pros, it really is perfect for most “Bros”. Short and stubby with plenty of built in drive, it’s easy to catch waves and generate speed on. It loves small to average surf. (Comments by Matt Biolos)

First Impressions

The Lost Sub-Driver feels like an all-round, high performance board. It’s 5’7, which is my normal size and looks/feels epic. The board feels light but strong. I guess that could be because it’s a standard blank but with Team Glass. I think that’s the standard production for their “Pro Formance” models. So, it’ll be interesting to try that out. Overall it feels sick and I’m frothing to try it out.

Tester’s comments

This board was spot on my dimensions and was a lot drivier than the others. I surfed it in a 3 foot, wedgy beach break and it was super fun. It paddled really well and I caught a lot of waves. I did feel like it needed more powerful waves to really see its potential. I’d love to see how it goes in the tube because it was good for turns, felt good in the air and rode like an all-round high performance board. I think I could have ridden it a little bit smaller and it would have helped me throw it around some more. If you like drivey boards then this is your board.

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