Splade - 5’9 X 18 ¾ X 2 5/16 – 26.1L

Ideal weight 70 - 75 kg

Wave Range 2 - 4 ft

Fin Setup Quad or Tri

Rail Type Medium - Full

Rocker Low - Medium

Tested by WG Board
Shaper’s comments

The Splade is my all round performance model. It has been tried and tested in a variety of different waves and conditions. I wanted a board I could just throw in the back of my car and have fun with whatever the waves were like on that day. Designed with a low entry rocker it has a wider outline for easy paddling and a medium rail to make it forgiving through turns. It has a slight to medium single concave that runs from nose to tail maximizing speed, combined with a double concave through the fins helping the board release. Its tail is wide enough to grovel well but still holds when the waves are on.

First Impressions

The Massey is a tiny bit thicker and a has a little more volume than the other boards which is sick. You can’t be afraid to ride fat boards I reckon, especially when it’s small. It looks like a straightforward shortboard.

Tester’s comments

The Massey was cool. It’s always good to ride boards shaped by good surfers. You can really trust getting a board from someone who rips. That’s why I was interested in trying the Simon Massey because he was a great surfer. It had a really clean nice outline and when I surfed it in probably the best waves of the trip it felt like a really good board. There’s nothing on the outline that catches. It doesn’t bog, it’s a pretty reliable board really. It took me a while to work out the release point and I feel like this isn’t the kind of board that’s going to fling all the way around the place. You won’t be spinning around the place, it holds in really well. It’s not really for your tiny beach break doing little jumps as it has lots of hold so in good conditions it feels really good and drivey. I kind of worked out with it to just pick your sections when you really want to release the fins. Where it really felt great was through turns and when you were carrying speed and drive out of sections it held really well. It’s a board I would love to ride in bigger waves above that 2-foot range to who knows how big on because it really felt solid. A versatile shortboard for sure. I think it’d be suited to someone who can surf well as you can really push that thing.

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