Tip Top - 5’9 X 18 5/8 X 2 5/16 – 26.59L

Ideal weight 70 - 78 kg

Wave Range 1 - 4 ft

Fin Setup Quad or Tri

Rail Type Medium

Rocker Moderate

Tested by WG Board
Shaper’s comments

This model features a fuller nose outline with flatter nose rocker for easy paddling and entry speed. It has a round tail with medium tail rocker for release and hold. It features a moderate to deep concave for speed and lift. We have been working on this model for over a year with our main man Chippa Wilson to suit a variety of beach breaks and point breaks. With its outline and rocker, it’s designed to paddle easily into waves, generate speed off your front foot and pivot off your back foot, with a smooth transition; while keeping speed the whole time. It’s generally ridden slightly shorter than your standard board, creating a tighter sweet spot.

First Impressions

I’m pretty interested to ride a Matt Hurworth after surfing with Chippa over the years, who has always surfed incredibly on them. It’s got a really full rail and a round tail, which is different to what I normally ride. I think this would be a nice point break board.

Tester’s comments

I rode it in some pretty small conditions and I noticed it has a full rail and it feels thicker than it is because of that. On a wave that translated to some slower, smoother transitions, I had a thought when surfing it that it felt like a mix between a single fin and a thruster – where if you slowed things down and did everything correctly then it felt nice and smooth. That’s a feeling I’m really attracted to, which is why I like riding bonzers. With the fuller rail, it’s so easy to paddle and probably a really good transition board for someone who wants to ride a shorter board, like an older guy or someone that likes to take it slow. I think it would really excel in good waves. Having a slightly wider round tail helps keep all that speed but also hold. It also helps to free up a board with that much volume too.

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