Morning of the Earth

Tracks Twinny Diamond - 5’5 X 19 ½ X 2 ½ - 28L

Ideal weight 60 - 75 kg

Wave Range 1 - 8 ft

Fin Setup Twin

Rail Type Low - Neutral

Rocker Moderate

Tested by CW Board
Shaper’s comments

All my work has elements of times gone by blended with the great moves forward we have seen over the last two decades. Diamond tails have always interested me in the shorter boards I do, as you can get a more parallel rail line than say a round tail. This enables a comparatively long and parallel rail line that gives the sense of a longer board for drive and projecting long turns, while still having a board that fits the curves of critical sections and slabby sections. Vee and channels facilitate an easy rail to rail feel with the channels giving a very secure feel when under a lot of speed on powerful waves. All my boards have early entry built into them to give the rider a sense they can create a different approach to the lines they draw, and can expect this board to perform well across a range of wave sizes and quality.

First Impressions

This feels crazy and looks crazy too. It looks like a fun, summer board. I’ve had a couple of boards off Simon in the past year and they go really well so I’m pretty excited to see this in the quiver. It’s quite flat and has a lot of volume, which is pretty much what you need in a twin fin.

Tester’s comments

I surfed the Morning of the Earth at this little 2-foot, left rip bowl and it fit into the small pockets really well. I think the volume helps you flow through turns and the flatness gives you heaps of speed. Teamed up with the channels and the diamond tail this thing went sick. I could do little laybacks and blast out into a good carve. What was surprising to me was that it was also good for airs. I didn’t get too many sections but it definitely felt like it could do some tricks. The other twin fins that I ride are step up boards and I hadn’t ridden one of his small ones with channels and I was blown away with how good it went. It’s still super loose but the channels help it hold in and I found I was driving out of turns. I think this board would be a sick tube board and I could just imagine it would go off in some bigger waves.

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