PB Custom

Deuce Gigolo - 5’7 X 18.7 X 2.2 – 25L

Ideal weight 65 - 68 kg

Wave Range 2 - 4 ft

Fin Setup Twin

Rail Type Medium

Rocker Relaxed

Tested by CW Board
Shaper’s comments

Born in the Bronx, Paolo started shaping soon after his family moved to Long Island. His love for surfing and board design led him to pursue several intense years of apprenticeship in San Clemente’s “Surf Ghetto” learning from Cole Silmer, Hamish Graham and Timmy Patterson. Since moving to Australia Paolo has shaped for Luke Short, Greg Webber, Chris Christenson and Channel Islands.

The Deuce Gigolo is not a fish. It’s designed for quality waves with some vertical in the face and a bit of ground in the swell. With the wide point slightly forward and a balanced foil, this board will paddle well, provide high line speed, simplify barrel rides and make effortless turns with more hold than you would expect from a twin fin.

First Impressions

It’s super light and it’s got this interesting edge bottom and I’ve never ridden or seen a board like it. I have no idea how it’s going to feel, but I could see it going well in some pits. I’m super stoked to try it out.

Tester’s comments

The PB Custom had an interesting twin fin outline. I rode it in 2 foot, peaky, beachbreaks and it was really fun. There were a lot of flat spots out there and the board was flying through them and releasing nicely through turns. The board was super fast and no matter where I was on the wave I was flying. I could just stand there and not even have to try to generate speed and that’s a good quality to have in any board. It released nicely off the top, you could do finners, carves, and I even tried a couple of airs on it and it felt good, which is surprising for a board of that shape. The waves were pretty small when I rode it and I think it could be an insane board if it the swell was a bit bigger. This is the first board I’ve ridden with an edge bottom too, and to me it felt insane going rail to rail – it didn’t catch. I think this board caters for someone who wants a twin fin with a throwback outline, but also wants to shred.

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