Voyager 1 - 5’10 X 18 ¾ X 2 5/16 - 26.1L

Ideal weight 65 - 70 kg

Wave Range 2 - 6 ft

Fin Setup Quad or Tri

Rail Type Full - Soft

Rocker Flat - Moderate

Tested by WG Board
Shaper’s comments

For the 2017 World Tour John John Florence knew that he wanted to improve every aspect of his surfing so we started working on a new board that would help him in the smaller/weaker wave end of performance. He wanted it to work in good surf, but carry more speed and flow when the waves were weaker and less curvy. After a lot of testing and fine-tuning we ended up with the board that had all the right ingredients. If you are looking for all the best elements of high performance surfing in everyday surf conditions and all kinds of waves, Voyager 1 is the board for you. (Comments by Jon Pyzel)

First Impressions

It feels like a really good size for me. It’s cool to ride a Pyzel, there’s a lot of talk about his boards. He’s blown up because of John John blowing up and his designs look like they work really well. When you see someone surfing like John does, you obviously want to try them. I feel like I would ride this in good waves like a 3-4 foot beachie.

Tester’s comments

The Pyzel Voyager was a cool one to try. It was big and had a little bit more weight and did everything you really wanted it to do and nothing extra. It was really reliable and a very predictable board, which was a positive. It went well off the bottom and off the top every surf and was such a good shortboard. It didn’t have any crazy mood or attributes it just went where you wanted it to. It felt really strong too. I usually put a fair few depressions in a board, even in one surf, and that board held up better than any other one I tested. When you’re purchasing a surfboard you want it to last, to keep you going and it felt really durable. I think it would go really well in some good solid waves. It’d be a nice board for some tubes, from small slabs to Kirra where you want the weave of a shortboard, but something to get into them easier. It’s a shortboard that will definitely handle a bit more juice. I think an intermediate to advanced surfer would really get the most out of this board.

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