Freckle - 5’7 X 18 ¾ X 2 3/16 – 25L

Ideal weight 68 - 72 kg

Wave Range Up to 4 ft

Fin Setup Quad or Tri

Rail Type Medium Boxy

Rocker Full

Tested by CW Board
Shaper’s comments

The Freckle is a super lively pocket-rocket, step-down designed for performance surfing in smaller surf. Most of the testing with this model has been really positive and it’s been around now for a few years. It has a full rocker, but still grovels really well. My gut feeling tells me that Chippa will immediately gel with this board because of his style of surfing. The Freckle is definitely one of our best performance models as it has a very high success rate with our team as well as our customers.

First Impressions

The RMS feels pretty similar to the board I’d normally ride. It feels well-weighted and ultra-light for a PU. I feel like this is going to be a good air board just because it’s so similar to what I normally ride. I’m really looking forward to riding it in some rampy peaks.

Tester’s comments

I rode the Freckle in pretty fun, punchy lefts and it went really well. It was fast, super responsive and really good in the air. I could see it liking a bit more juice in the swell. The board definitely has potential. I was able to do a couple of good airs in the sessions I had on it. I also found that wherever I was on a wave the board just fit. Sometimes you get boards that catch and you wobble around, but the RMS just worked. It appeared flat but had a lot of curve under the front foot, which is exactly why it fits into the wave well. It had a pulled in squash tail that is a bit thicker than my normal boards and the extra volume was nice. I feel the thicker tail prevented it from catching when I was doing spins. It was an all round performer and I think it could go well in tubes. It feels like your everyday board for 2-6 foot waves.

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