XF-RAP - 5’7 X 19 3/8 X 2 3/8 – 26.2L

Ideal weight 68 - 78 kg

Wave Range 1 - 5 ft

Fin Setup Tri or Quad

Rail Type Medium

Rocker Moderate

Tested by WG Board
Shaper’s comments

The XF-RAP fits beautifully between our Bender-X and the Bender Mini Gun while retaining those essential design features with the same nose area, rail design and rockers. The main difference is the tail area where we have taken away the hip from the Bender-X and reduced the tail area across the fins. The changes add up to a design that still has that small wave “pop” and acceleration, but allows the surfer to do more aggressive rail work and surf bigger waves, without having to ever hold back. Wave range is 1-6 feet, with this design making it a super all-rounder. To add that extra bit of pop and drive, we made this board in the XF-RAP, a stringer-less version in PU, to showcase an alternative, locally made product and celebrate a proud Australian manufacturing industry.

First Impressions

This looks so tech. It’s going to be interesting to the see the flex of this thing. I haven’t seen that much carbon wrap ever and it reminds me of when my friend shaved a redback into his undercut [laughs]. It looks like a pretty amazing set up. I think this could go good in lots of different waves. It’s got heaps of nose rocker and it could be a good tube board. It’s nice and wide too and I think it will go fast. It looks pretty well rounded.

Tester’s comments

I was pretty interested to see how all that tech translated onto a wave. It was quite a heavy board but for a heavy board in little waves it was really fast and had a lot of pop. It was a little less whippy through turns, but every other aspect of it felt really good. I didn’t get to surf it in bigger waves, but I feel like it would really excel in the tube. When you gave it a little bit of push it really got going down the line. It’s got a lot of rocker, especially in the nose and I think it would be a total tube pig and perfect for places like Burleigh. Overall it felt really well proportioned for its size and was a cool looking board that was functional as well.

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