5.11 X 19 ½ X 2 7/16 – 29.33 LITRES

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Shaper's comments

The Squirter has 4 concaves running nose to tail all built into one big concave with a small release vee out the pod. There is a lot of bight going on, which could prove in time to be an alternative to tail channels…perhaps. One other point of difference is that this is a PU blank glassed with epoxy resin and a 4x4x4 Diagonal glass, both adding extra flex and lateral strength. Surprisingly light for a PU core as well.
Ideal weight 75 to 85 kg
Wave Range 4 to 6 ft
Fin Setup Options: FCS2
Rail Type Full
Rocker Moderate to Curvy

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Sharper: Murray Bourton Phone: 0421 385 692 Website:

Instagram: @murraybourton

Tested by CF

First Impressions

This board wins “most intriguing award of the trip”. I’ve been a fan of Murray Bourton’s boards for well over a decade, having ordered a handful over the years, so was excited to pick up his latest experiment, the Squirter. The standard elements of the board itself felt amazing: great boxy rails, a semi consistent curve with a touch of tail lift, and a nice light feeling, a product of epoxy resin used on a standard foam blank.
Tested by CF

Tester's Comments

I rode this board in a range of conditions, as I was intrigued to see how the middle channel would perform on my forehand and backhand. The Squirter channel had an immediate effect: a huge amount of speed racing down the line. I could take off far behind the section, take a high line, and the board would give me a sensational amount of speed to burn around sections. On rail it felt amazing, plenty of drive and speed, and the right mix or responsiveness and hold. The downside of the Squirter channel was a lack of release: I found myself getting caught by a bitey sensation any time I put the board into the lip, or at the end of turns. The extra speed and drive was a huge bonus in barrelling conditions. I’d have loved to try the other elements of the board (great rails, tail, curve), with a more traditional bottom shape.