5’11 X 19 7/16 X 2 7/16 – 29.4 LITRES

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Shaper's comments

Overall a high performance surfboard. Derived from my original high performance CB1 model and tuned to Leo Fioravanti’s surfing style. Suits powerful rail surfing and tricks in most types of waves, but excels in good surf. Ample drive and hold. For good surfers with average to very high ability.
Ideal weight 80–90 kg
Wave Range 3-6 ft
Fin Setup Thruster
Rail Type Medium, Performance
Rocker Moderate

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Sharper: Christiaan Bradley Phone: AUS - 0299071239 Website:

Instagram: @cbradleysurf

Tested by cf

First Impressions

The name of this board says everything; “The One”. I immediately loved this board, and could have adopted it as a single board quiver. When you put it under your arm, you get the sense that it’s the only board you’d ever need: would be the ultimate small wave board, mid-size board, and something you’d be happy to ride in barrelling 4-6 foot Hossegor, where Christiaan Bradley shapes. It’s a bread-and-butter all rounder shorty, as good as they come: semi flat curve with a touch of tail lift, nice mid-rolled rails, and a light and exciting feeling under the arm.
Tested by cf

Tester's Comments

Having retired from competing in WQS events about four years ago, this board made me feel like I could return to the contest rashie: it did everything I wanted it to. The modest curve meant it maintained plenty of speed: you could zip through dead sections with all of the speed in the world, yet the touch of tail lift meant you could stomp the tail and go vertical in the steepest parts of the wave without hesitation. The rounded square tail felt phenomenal under the back foot: it was drivey, but also had heaps of release. I could add a touch of pressure on the back foot through the lip or foam, and the board would provide a great sense of release for added speed and flair. The rails and outline encouraged a range of turns, and it felt amazing both vertically and through drawn out carves. It was comfortable in the barrel and if it hadn’t fallen victim to a heaving lip, I’d have definitely added it to my quiver.