5’10 X 18 3/4 X 2 5/16 26.5 LITRES

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Shaper's comments

This board is designed for good waves – 2 to 6 feet – it has a fuller rocker to allow tighter performance surfing and a single concave for the drive speed. It loves powerful rail surfing and has hold when you need it and can be surfed loose and tight.
Ideal weight 72 to 77 kg
Wave Range 2-6 ft
Fin Setup Thruster
Rail Type Medium to low
Rocker Consistent.

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Sharper: Steve Del Rosso Phone: 0417 912 207 Website: cwsurfboards

Instagram: @cwsurfboards

Tested by JB

First Impressions

This board was spot-on for my normal performance board volume, dimensions, and weight. It was a sparky-feeling 5’10, performance outline with a swallow tail, feeling like the sort of board I’d takewith me on the WQS, or ride on an average afternoon at Merewether. It had a slightly flatter curve, meaning I’d get enough speed in fatter, smaller conditions, yet a touch of tail lift indicated it’d work in up to 4-5 foot. With a name like the Accelerator, I could see that the idea of this board was speed and performance – and imagined it performing best at somewhere like Lower Trestles.
Tested by JB

Tester's Comments

It did everything I would want a high performance shorty to do: responsive, sufficient drive to come hard off the bottom, but enough release through the tail that you could feel confident to ditch the fins or throw the tail. How forgiving this board is, was a highlight for me: the wider outline and mid-boxy rails provided a super easy-to-do-what-you-want feeling. For me, it meant I could go for broke, and the board would always let me recover. My favourite wave on the board included two, big blow tails, and a layback. Each turn I was pushing it harder and harder, and it continued to permit it. For your average surfer, this is a huge plus, meaning the board makes allowances for the downfalls of its rider, but still lets you generate new speed to go again.