5’5 X 19 3/8 X 2 7/16 – 28.6 LITRES

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Shaper's comments

A free flowing and smooth surfing twin fin option for quality waves. The rocker is low for down the line speed and the single flyer provides a release point for off the top. The rounded pin tail engages more rail to give a smooth transition from rail to rail and hold through turns. This board can be ridden in a variety of conditions from small fun days right through to critical hollow surf in the six feet range.
Ideal weight Up to 80 kg
Wave Range 2-6 ft
Fin Setup Twin
Rail Type Modern Diamond Rail
Rocker Low

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Sharper: Dan Macdonald Phone: +617 55 595 949 Website: DMS.SURF

Instagram: @dmshapes

Tested by cf

First Impressions

It’s a very interesting board: a short stumpy nose, rounded pin with some small hips near the tail, and twin fin boxes placed close to the tail. It’s more refined for a twinny: lower rails and slightly thinner, meaning it doesn’t feel like it’d float high above the water like other twinnies, although this would be offset by the epoxy carbon wrap technology. The more refined elements meant that you felt like it would also perform in bigger and better waves than your standard twin.
Tested by cf

Tester's Comments

I rode it in solid 4-5 foot rippable rights, and it let me surf it without any restraint. I had so much speed it was almost concerning, and a tonne of drive. The twinny and hip at the tail provided some spontaneity I really enjoyed. I found myself riding it like a normal board; going hard off the top and through the lip. The refined rails held very well on carving turns: at one stage I could hold back my bottom turn, aim for the wall, and let the rail and twin kick in for full drawn out rail turns, with a tonne of speed. I also grabbed this board to ride in barrelling beach break conditions, and the shortness allowed me to take off super late, drop behind the curtain. It was an exciting addition to the trip.