5’10 X 18 1/4 X 2 3/16 – 24.4 LITRES

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Shaper's comments

The SuperCell is a performance based shortboard. We have refined the rail a touch this year to give a more sensitive ride, this combined with the concave moved forward a touch to increase drive and down the line speed. Ideally suited to fast, winding barrels and groomed reefs, the SuperCell is a high performance modern shortboard designed for in the pocket surfing. DMS BIOWRAP construction has very similar performance characteristics as the current patented CARBON WRAP technology. The construction method is the same, however the BIOWRAP variation uses materials that perform in a similar manner with a substantial reduction in environmental impact.
Ideal weight Approx 70 kg
Wave Range 2-6 ft
Fin Setup Tri or Quad
Rail Type Standard
Rocker Performance

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Sharper: Dan Macdonald Phone: +61 7 55 595 949 Website: DMS.SURF

Instagram: @dmshapes

Tested by ss

First Impressions

When I first picked up this board; it gave me a feeling that I wanted to ride it instantly. It was in my exact dimensions and volume, a similar performance board to what I’d ride every day back at home on the Gold Coast. It had one difference, however. It was an epoxy, with DMS’s Bio Wrap tech that wraps carbon around the board, in lieu of a stringer. The lightness and sparkiness of the epoxy is something I’d usually stick to only in my super-small-wave boards, so I was very interested to examine how it would perform in standard size conditions.
Tested by ss

Tester's Comments

This board was incredibly easy to pick up and ride. The curve, mid-boxy rails, and performance outline were ideal for the punchy, 3-4 foot reefs I was testing it on. It felt extremely comfortable in super sucky sections. I could stay in close to the pocket, and put the board wherever I liked, My favourite ride on the board I was able to put my whole body weight through a fin release on a super steep section, and felt in complete control the whole time. I’d be very happy to take this board with me. The WQS, and be confident and excited to ride it in anything from punchy waves, to small grovelly conditions. It hits the perfect balance between a performance board, with a undertones of a light, summer small wave performer.