5’10X19X 2’3/8 – 28 LITRES

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Shaper's comments

I made this board with the wide point forward and a drawn in tail to give it drive and get it up into the lip faster. I used a channel system I helped develop in the early 80s and have re-energised it into a concave system to get it on rail and to give it zip in clean, textured waves.
Ideal weight Up to 80 kg
Wave Range 2-8 ft
Fin Setup Options: thruster
Rail Type medium /fast
Rocker medium /fast

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Sharper: Ed Sinnott Phone: 0404 059 321 Website:

Instagram: @edsinnottsurfboards

Tested by jb

First Impressions

With a late 90s themed flames-spray, classic channels, and an 80s style logo set up on the nose, this board demanded attention. And rightly so, it was an intriguing high performance board, blended with some elements from years past. I was immediately drawn to this board; it just looked like a lot of fun. The outline looked forgiving and rippable, with chunkier-boxy rails, four channels, and a nice light feeling.
Tested by jb

Tester's Comments

The board seemed to make me want to take the approach to the wave that you’d see in 2000s punk movies, the likes of Ozzie Wright, or early Josh Kerr. It felt like it wanted to go to the sky, so I gave it a front deck grip and found myself wanting to race to the biggest section and throw a big air. As soon as I’d take off, I’d have the speed to spot a section, race hard at it, and try something big. The swallow tail felt sparky and provided enough bite off the back foot. The flat curve and stumpy outline gave me huge amounts of speed and responsiveness. The boxy rails responded very well when I put the board on rail, and I enjoyed the feeling through the tail of extra hold and drive from the channels. The one trade off having channels on a semi-performance board was that it did not have the release through the lip I’d usually look for. Having said that, I loved this board, and it’s something that I need in my quiver.