6’2 X 18 3/4 X 2 3/8 – 28.5 LITRES

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Shaper's comments

Designed for 4ft plus waves and good all-round performance in the right conditions. It will light up in good quality, punchy waves. Features late nose and tail flip with mid-range paddle. Should have loads of drive and hold in tough going situations, maintain a good line in the barrel yet be responsive on the open face. Should have a good strength to weight ratio.
Ideal weight 75 +/- Kgs
Wave Range 4-8 ft
Fin Setup Futures Tri
Rail Type Med/Low
Rocker Medium with late kick nose and tail

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Sharper: Paul Gravelle Phone: 0429 188 447 Website:

Instagram: @gravellesurfboards

Tested by jb

First Impressions

When the Gravelle emerged from the board bag, I had visions of stroking in deep and gliding over foamballs in cavernous 6-8 foot Indo waves. It’s a meat-and-vegies step-up, a touch heavier-glass job than my standard step up, which makes it feel like the strong, ultimate tube pig. I’d felt excited to ride this board in some of the more solid/steep barrelly waves in the Telos – DC’s and Rangas. It feels like it should have plenty of hold/drive, and could make you invincible to the most audacious foam ball, but with nice rolled rails and a tight pin tail, feels like you could also lay into some hard turns across big walls.
Tested by jb

Tester's Comments

I was immediately surprised by how well the board turned for a 6’2 (my normal board is 5’10). The thickness meant I had extra velocity paddling into the waves, providing a surplus of speed from the get-go. The nice rolled rails felt drivey, but also encouraged me to bury them without any constraint. I found myself throwing my full weight into turns, and the board would burst me out of a full-rail turn with copious amounts of speed. We didn’t get the big barrelling conditions it was made for, but on the few late takeoffs I did on this board, it gave me extreme confidence in taking off in late, steep sections. I’d recommend this board as a step up for someone surfing solid waves in Indo or the reefs, or the big beach breaks on the South Coast of NSW.