5’8 - 181/2 - 21/4 - 24.2 LITRES

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Shaper's comments

The Swing model was designed working alongside our team surfer, Danny Wills. He wanted to surf his regular performance model, The Inferno, an inch or so shorter without sacrificing any speed or drive. With this brief in mind, I widened the nose so the board would feel longer and I increased the volume through the centre. With more curve between your feet, combined with a medium single concave this is a fast, responsive board that loves fun, small-to-medium surf. It is also available in a rounded square or swallow tail.
Ideal weight 65-70 kgs
Wave Range 2-5 ft
Fin Setup 3 fin or 5 fin
Rail Type Medium
Rocker Full

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Sharper: Simon Massey Phone: 0450 831 683 Website:

Instagram: @Masseysurfboards

Tested by ss

First Impressions

I really liked the feel of the Swing. It was a touch shorter, with added width and a touch more volume, nice forgiving flatter curve, with a touch of tail lift and a thumb tail. It was a great feeling performance board, yet felt designed for a surfer who likes a touch more forgiveness. It felt like a great all-rounder. The round tail and touch of tail lift means I’d have enough to also enjoy it in 4-foot bowly waves like Keramas or Duranbah.
Tested by ss

Tester's Comments

I rode this board in mainly punchy rights, and enjoyed the pivot off the tail, allowing me to go straight off the bottom to the lip without any down time. This board encouraged tight, in the pocket surfing. There was a feeling of a slight lack of hold when I put the board on rail, so I found it much more comfortable in the lip. I found myself wanting to go vertical, instead of out to the open shoulder. With its wider outline, I could easily glide through dead sections, yet the lower surface area behind my back foot allowed for fast-response to sections. This board would be ideal to surf at a sloppy beach break like Bondi, where you have a combination of slopey deadspots and junky sections. The board would be well suited to getting the most out of your daily session.