6’1 X 19 5/8 X 2 1/2

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Shaper's comments

All my boards are hand shapes... meaning from scratch. So, when the discussion of litreage comes up I can estimate fairly well but it strikes me as a strange way to look at a board. The main thing I like to do with those litres is spread them as evenly as I can so that boards have as large a sweet spot as possible. So they enter early, and with ease, and the options are as varied as possible, and the rider rides how their body mechanics dictate. I love watching surfing when it’s not forced and it just happens. Boards which have their own natural glide-speed too, that’s an important ingredient in anyone’s day, the feeling of effortless speed. They are all PU and made with care, so there will never be millions of them, lots of thought and time has gone into all the models, with input from many.
Ideal weight N/A
Wave Range N/A
Fin Setup Twin Fin Futures
Rail Type Boxy/rolled Thickness carried out
Rocker Flat – little bit of nose liftr

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Sharper: Simon Jones Phone: 0438 853 925 Website:

Instagram: @morningoftheearthsurfboards

Tested by jb

First Impressions

This board had me (as well as the other RLZ guests) very excited. I’d seen video of Torren Martyn riding this exact model in 6-8 foot Cloudbreak, and I was immediately inspired to use this board as a way to surf pumping waves with a more laidback and soulful approach. It’s an interesting shape: a twin fin with channels, with the outline and low rocker of a single fin. I was most intrigued by the channel and twin fin combo, imagining myself taking super high lines, enjoying the speed of the twin, but being able to lay into swooping turns with the added hold of the channels.
Tested by jb

Tester's Comments

The hold was noticeable; I felt invincible off the bottom on solid 4-5 foot walls and when I’d nudge the thicker rail into the water, I’d feel the immediate extra speed of the twin fin creating a throttling pole of water bursting through the channels, providing extra speed. I liked the traditional outline, which encouraged me to take my time, and not oversurf the board like a performance twinny. I could instead enjoy the feeling of trimming on the highline, but when I wanted to loosen up, the twin provided added performance, speed, and responsiveness. The extra volume meant when I rode it in barrels I could take off early, set my line, and allow the pin and channels to lock me into the tube.