5’11 X 19 1/2 X 2 1/2 – 29.5 LITRES

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Shaper's comments

The Monster is a fun small wave hybrid that goes in just about everything but mainly designed towards everyday beach break conditions. It’s a board that the average punter can paddle out on, catch 100 waves and have a ball! Or the more advanced surfer can use as their stubby / wider fun board. The Surfer can expect a fun & sparky board that has a great amount of speed and carry.
Ideal weight 80-90 kg
Wave Range 2-4 ft
Fin Setup Thruster
Rail Type Boxy
Rocker Flat

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Sharper: Notox Surfboards Australia Phone: 0424 681 859 Website:

Instagram: @notoxsurfaustralia

Tested by cf

First Impressions

Thinking ethically doesn’t mean we don’t care about technology and performance. It’s the other way around. Manufactured natural fibres bring more flexibility as well a strong dynamic. Flax fibre is 100% natural and renewable. NOTOX flax compiles of two textile labels: Oeko-Tex standard 100 and GOTS. Plant based epoxy resin is strong and takes less energy to produce. Combining recycled foam with plant based resin gives you a board that is much more environmentally friendly and just as durable as the status quo.
Tested by cf

Tester's Comments

Having ridden the same shape in a classic PU build, I was super excited to compare the performance of an environmentally-friendly alternative. The addition of the flax wrap for strength added a touch of extra volume, but aside from that it felt like a standard shortie. And it didn’t disappoint. It was responsive, felt great on rail, and had a tonne of spark and explosiveness through the lip. The environmentally friendly aspects of recycled materials had a positive impact on the feeling, the flex was great. It felt as comfortable in the pocket and through the lip as it did on rail. I’d recommend this board for anyone looking to reduce their environmental impact when ordering a board: in the same vein as trading a paper and plastic takeaway coffee-cup for a keep cup.