Sharp Eye


5’10 X 18 1/4 X 2 3/16

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Shaper's comments

The #77 was designed by Marcio Zouvi at the request of Filipe Toledo to attempt to create the fastest board he had ever ridden. With a deep single concave and clean outline, the results have spoken for themselves with Filipe riding the #77 in back-to-back J-Bay victories. The #77 is designed for surfers looking to push their performance to the limit; ideal for steep, drivey waves and long winding points. A must have in any surfer’s Indo quiver.
Ideal weight Up to 68-70 kg
Wave Range 2-6 ft
Fin Setup Thruster / Quad
Rail Type Low Rail
Rocker High

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Sharper: Brendan Leckie Phone: 0402 412 587 Website:

Instagram: @sharpeyesurfboards_au

Tested by ss

First Impressions

I was immediately taken when I first picked up the Sharp Eye. It’s your dream high performance board for good waves: great outline, mid rails, nice and curvy, as well as feeling nice and light. You can’t help but visualise Filipe Toledo riding a board like this at Keramas: it’s designed for an advanced surfer looking for a board that will allow them to do whatever they like in good waves. The notable parts of the board for this trip were the slightly pulled in thumb tail for extra drive off the back foot in good waves, and a touch of extra foam under the chest for speed when paddling in.
Tested by ss

Tester's Comments

The board performed as well as it felt under the arm. Super drivey from the back foot, yet enough responsiveness to throw it over the lip. I found myself pushing the board quite hard out of the top of the wave, and out of every turn. I had heaps of speed and never caught a rail or dropped an ounce of speed. It felt like I could do exactly what I wanted. I could hit sections with confidence, throw cautions into the wind and not have to worry about losing any speed. It provided sufficient release ¬– not as much as rounded-square-tail – but this was a benefit in the perfect Indo conditions, where having extra hold was a godsend. This is your perfect board for an advanced surfer looking for a high performance good-wave board. There’s not much I can fault about the Sharp Eye.