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5’3 X 18 5/8 2 5/16 – 24.5 LITRES

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Shaper's comments

The Cymatic is a forward-thinking approach to high performance design, capturing the essence of traditional speed and flow with new school above the lip attack capability. The Cymatic features an ultra-short, parallel plan shape, a cut off thumb nose, plus double bat tail, comboed up with Tomo’s trademark (QISC) quad inside single concave. Expect effortless speed off the mark and instantaneous top to bottom response with remarkable control. It has an amazing lift and hold sensation created by the unique hull design which contributes to a ‘skate like’ feel of pop out of the lip.
Ideal weight 68-75 kg
Wave Range 2-6 ft
Fin Setup Options: 5
Rail Type Med/Low
Rocker Moderate

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Sharper: Daniel Thomson Phone: N/A Website:

Instagram: @slaterdesigns

Tested by ss

First Impressions

The Slater Designs board is a sensory overload. Having never ridden one, and it being so different from my standard shortboard, I was struggling to comprehend how the various elements come together. The rail sits well in the hand: it’s medium boxy. The curve is flat and it has a double bat swallow tail. The board feels nice and light, and with the chopped nose, almost resonates some wakeboard vibes.
Tested by ss

Tester's Comments

I began to relax and surf normally, I really liked it. Despite its length (5’3), it was one of the driviest boards I’ve ever ridden – probably from the deep single channel that runs through the tail, into a double bat wing. The action in the tail, and cut-off nose encourage you to surf off the back foot. The lack of nose felt liberating, easy to throw around and super responsive, however I did find it catching every now again on more advanced manoeuvres like reverses. The light materials feel sparky and responsive and I got plenty of pop out of the lip.