HPX 3.0

5 11 X 19 3/8 X 2 3/8 – 27.5 LITRES

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Shaper's comments

This model is ideal for intermediate to advance surfers due to the surfboard being designed for bigger waves, tube riding, and driving / carving moves. It has a slightly fuller nose to give you better paddle power and the ability to carve, while still retaining a High Perf’ outline. The rounded-pin-tail gives you superior holding power in the tube and grip through high speed bottom turns and driving cut backs.
Ideal weight 75-82 kg
Wave Range 2-8 ft
Fin Setup Quad / Tri
Rail Type Mid-Low
Rocker Moderate

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Sharper: Stuart Smith Phone: 07 5572 0098 Website:

Instagram: @stuartsurfdesign

Tested by jb

First Impressions

My first impression is that this is designed for more solid conditions, or for a surfer who likes a bit more volume and width than a normal step-up. It has a nice outline, but with added width to make it a bit more forgiving: easier to stroke into the wave, and less ‘pinny’ and stiff when you’re riding the wave. The boxy rails and pinny tail make me think I’d like to ride this board in conditions like Haleiwa: where you want plenty of drive and hold, yet want a bit more volume to help you get into the wave with speed.
Tested by jb

Tester's Comments

As expected, I immediately enjoyed the extra volume in this board. I found myself gliding into waves nice and early, enjoying more speed on take off than what I’d get from my normal step-ups. The wider rounded pin provided tonnes of hold and drive off the bottom: I found myself driving really hard off my back foot and the board responded very well; enough bite for me to go hard, but a good amount of foam under my front foot to keep me high above the water and maintain my speed. The quad set up performed really well in the tube, you could hold on in some ropey sections, and the board would stay rock-solid in the pit. As a thruster, it was nice and loose. I found myself throw one of the biggest backhand airs of the trip riding this board.