5’11 X 19 ½ X 2 7/16 – 29.7 LITRES

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Shaper's comments

Clay Marzo is probably the maddest cat we know. His signature model – dubbed the Mad Cat – features all the elements that allow him to go Ham on just about everything from waist high slop to double overhead perfection, from deep pits to mind-bending rotations. With extra width in the nose for paddling power and nose pick recoveries, full, boxy rails to match his power, and a pulled in, rounded square tail to keep things quick and tight, the Mad Cat is Clay’s ideal sled and will most likely be yours. All the features that make this board perfect for Clay’s mad, raw style also make it forgiving, easy to paddle, and ultra smooth in rail-to-rail transitions.
Ideal weight 80 – 85kg
Wave Range 2-8 ft
Fin Setup Quad / Tri
Rail Type Boxy
Rocker Full to Medium

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Sharper: Adam Fletcher Phone: 07 5536 4681 Website:

Instagram: @superbrand_aus

Tested by cf

First Impressions

I loved the feeling of this board. My normal performance all-rounders generally have a rounded square, so I was excited to try something a little different. This performance all rounder has a wider outline, with a wide point a touch forward, and a rounded pin tail. The curve is somewhat modest, which screams speed.
Tested by cf

Tester's Comments

The outline of the board encouraged me to want to hit the lip as much as possible, so I enjoyed being able to pivot hard off the tail and stay tight in the pocket hitting the power source. Once I became more familiar with the board, I felt myself trying harder to imitate the surfing style of its namesake, Clay Marzo, and wanting to go hard on sections I’d usually avoid. It had plenty of pop out of the lip and felt strong, yet light. The rounded pin tail made a performance board feel nice and drivey. I could feel the added stiffness from the rounded pin tail. Stiffness that you could seize to get speed. The one trade off with having a more pulled in tail is a lack of release, which was noticeable when trying to do slides and tail throws. It’s a great board for someone looking for an all-rounder with a twist.